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Neuropathies: Types of Neuropathy in Hands, Legs & Feet

Neuropathy | 3 Comments

Nerve pain can leave people unable to perform day-to-day activities and can seriously hinder peoples quality of life. Unfortunately, this type of pain can take time to diagnose and pinpoint, which is why it is important to see your doctor at the first sign of symptoms. ...
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7 Symptoms of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy You Should Look For

Neuropathy | 0 Comments

Do you have diabetes? Have you recently experienced new symptoms, such as numbness and shooting pain? Are you losing your balance or feeling sore?
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What Is Neuropathy, PN and Diabetic Neuropathy?

Neuropathy | 1 Comment

WHAT IS NEUROPATHY, PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY, POLYNEUROPATHY AND DIABETIC NEUROPATHY? Neuropathy is a non-reversible disease caused by nerve damage (damage to the nervous system) that creates pain, mostly in hands and feet. Burning, tingling, numbness and the walking on pi...
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What Causes Neuropathy?

Neuropathy | 0 Comments

If your doctor has started throwing around the word, “neuropathy,” chances are, you’re worried and unsure of what to do next.
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How to Find the Best Physical Therapy Clinic

Physical Therapy | 1 Comment

Pain has been hanging around you a lot lately, and you’re not quite sure how to get rid of this menacing enemy. All you know is he’s got to go — right now. And that’s when you realize it’s time to seek help from the best physical therapy clinic around.
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10 Benefits of Physical Therapy After an Injury

Physical Therapy | 4 Comments

Have you recently gone through an injury?
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Most Common Sports Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

Back Pain, Sports Injuries | 9 Comments

Looking for more ways to take care of yourself and the athletes in your life?
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What to Know About Having a Bulging Disc

Physical Therapy, Back Pain | 3 Comments

The human body has small discs that sit between the vertebrae of the spine. Their role is to absorb shocks. When you develop a bulging disc, you can find yourself in severe pain.
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What is a Frozen Shoulder and How is it Treated?

Physical Therapy, Joint, Shoulder Injuries | 1 Comment

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder. With this condition, shoulder movements are reduced to the point where the shoulder is completely “frozen.”
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What Are the Symptoms of an ACL Tear?

Physical Therapy, Sports Injuries, Muscle, Knee | 0 Comments

If you suspect you have an ACL tear, chances are that you’re absolutely correct.
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8 Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries | 1 Comment

Did you know that high school athletes account for nearly 2 million sports injuries in the U.S and over 500,000 doctor visits each year?
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What You Need to Know About Work Injury Compensation

Work Injuries | 0 Comments

Every year, over $6 trillion is spent to cover people due to work-related injuries or illnesses. These issues can range from black lung in mine workers to slip and fall accidents on the factory floor. If you’ve been hurt at work, navigating the route to work injury comp...
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