How to Find the Best Physical Therapy Clinic

Physical Therapy

Pain has been hanging around you a lot lately, and you’re not quite sure how to get rid of this menacing enemy. All you know is he’s got to go — right now. And that’s when you realize it’s time to seek help from the best physical therapy clinic around.

You’re not the only one looking for help from a physical therapist, either.

Research shows that because the population is aging, and because more people have access to medical insurance, the demand for physical therapists is growing today.

In fact, the demand was estimated to surpass a whopping 229,000 therapists in 2016.

But not all physical therapists are equal. A good physical therapist can mean the difference between healing slowly and healing quickly from an injury.

We’ve compiled a guide for helping you to choose the best physical therapy clinic for your needs.

Let’s jump in!

What’s Your Insurance Coverage Like?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. After all, you need to know if a physical therapist accepts your health insurance first.

Surprisingly, many patients move forward with therapy before they know exactly what their insurance companies will cover.

If you do this, you might end up with major out-of-pocket expenses.

In other words, you may end up with a brand-new pain — a headache that doesn’t seem to go away. And your therapist won’t be able to help you with that, unfortunately.

So, check your coverage before you visit your clinic. You’ll increase your chances of making smart treatment decisions.

What’s the Therapist’s Specialization?

You also need to ask if a physical therapy clinic specializes in treating your condition.

For example, perhaps you struggle with neuropathy — a disease related to nerve damage. Are you ready to get rid of, manage or reduce your symptoms?

The best physical therapy clinic has extensive experience with treating this condition. Therapy may range from alcoholic neuropathy to diabetic neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy.

Also, if you’ve suffered an injury at work, you need a clinic that is comfortable with workers’ compensation attorneys and claims.

In this situation, the best physical therapy clinic will first take a close look at your injury. Then, it will work on reducing your pain so that you can get back to work.

Specifically, look for a therapist who can complete a functional capacity evaluation for you.

With this test, a certified therapist will use observations, tests, and practices to see if you can function in various work circumstances. And the results of this test, along with related analysis, will go directly to your medical doctor.

Want a therapist who goes the extra mile? Ask the clinic if it provides complimentary transportation that will get you to and from your therapy sessions, too.

How Much Attention Will Your Therapist Give You?

Be sure to ask a potential therapist how many clients he or she sees simultaneously.

Some therapists dedicate their time to a single patient for every appointment. Meanwhile, others treat more than one at a time.

No research emphasizes either of these practice paradigms as superior. But if you think you’ll need personal attention, choose a therapist who can provide this.

Also, ask if you’ll have the same therapist every time or if you may get different ones for various appointments.

Sticking with a single therapist can help you to develop a solid therapeutic relationship with him or her.

At the same time, having different therapists may be more convenient for you since you’ll get whoever is available first when you need an appointment.

Plus, you can experience a variety of treatment strategies that may help you with your particular condition.

Again, be sure to ask your clinic how it handles appointments before you book your first one.

How Well Does Your Therapist Interact with You?

During the past several years, the amount of time that patients spend with providers of health care has shortened.

In fact, research shows that in 2017, most doctors said they gave each patient around 13 to 24 minutes of their time.

That’s not always enough depending on your particular physical condition and needs.

But it’s a reality as providers of health care face mounting pressures. These pressures include the following:

  • Higher patient volumes
  • More requirements related to documentation
  • Lower rates of reimbursement

In light of this, it’s critical that you study how the physical therapist interacts with you from the start.

The best physical therapy clinic will listen to you as you voice your concerns. And it will allow you to play an instrumental role in your treatment process.

Also, with a quality clinic, you can expect to establish reasonable goals for you.

Plus, your therapist will be willing to change up your treatment to ensure to get you the results you want.

What’s Your Treatment Program Like?

Make sure that you’re comfortable with your physical therapy program before you jump into it.

You might start with more passive techniques, such as joint and muscle stretches.

Then, you may advance to more active ones. These include exercises that you perform under your therapist’s supervision and guidance.

The passive approaches might understandably feel better. But the active ones are often the ones that generate the longest-lasting results.

So, choose a therapist who incorporates active techniques as quickly as possible.

Most importantly, your program should be customized for your body, lifestyle, and goals.

How We Can Help to Provide the Best Physical Therapy

We offer top-of-the-line physical therapy services tailored to your specific needs.

For example, we can help those suffering from sports injuries and muscle injuries. We also help patients with tears, sprains, and strains in areas such as the back, knee or shoulders.

Contact us to find out more about how our dedicated, educated, and experienced therapists can give you the best physical therapy for your specific condition.

With our help, you can quickly bid pain adieu and feel like a totally new you in the new year.

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