What Are the Symptoms of an ACL Tear?

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If you suspect you have an ACL tear, chances are that you’re absolutely correct.
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Advice from a PT: All About Kinesio Tape

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You know that weird tape you see on people who have sprained ankles or torn muscles? Yeah, that’s kinesio tape. It might look useless, but this tape actually is working harder than you think. Curious? You should be. After all, it can really save your back, knee, leg, or...
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6 Stretchy Stretches for the Holidays!

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On the Sixth day with Premier, my true love gave to me… “6 Stretchy Stretches” for the Holidays! Special guest Winchester the Physical Therapy Elf, here to show you the benefits, hows, and what stretches necessary to target most of the human body helping you achieve rel...
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