What is a Frozen Shoulder and How is it Treated?

Physical Therapy, Joint, Shoulder Injuries | 1 Comment

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder. With this condition, shoulder movements are reduced to the point where the shoulder is completely “frozen.”
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What To Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery

Physical Therapy, Joint | 0 Comments

Hip replacement surgery can sound scary, but it’s actually a very common and successful procedure. Do you know what to expect if you or someone you love has a hip replacement scheduled?
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6 Stretchy Stretches for the Holidays!

Joint, Muscle | 0 Comments

On the Sixth day with Premier, my true love gave to me… “6 Stretchy Stretches” for the Holidays! Special guest Winchester the Physical Therapy Elf, here to show you the benefits, hows, and what stretches necessary to target most of the human body helping you achieve rel...
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Guide to Tennis Elbow and Treatments

Sports Injuries, Joint | 4 Comments

The weather is finally warming up, you go through your daily routine of work, cleaning, and projects for the family home. After a productive day of physical tasks, you pick up your old racket and head to the courts to get back into the athletic shape that won you that i...
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